Is a CS/IT degree necessary to get a job in any IT MNCs?

Is a CS/IT degree necessary to get a job in any IT MNCs?

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Sneha Maurya
·Aug 15, 2021·

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I’m working as a software engineer in an MNC and I have a IT bachelor’s degree. I have seen many out there wondering where having a CS/IT degree is necessary to land a job in any IT company. Well, this question is subjective. you will never find any objective answer for this.

Let me clear this for you.

On one hand, we can directly say no, there is no necessity of having a degree or diploma in CS/IT. One who has the fire to write code, developed applications can work on their DataStructure and Algorithms and land the job during in-campus/off-campus placement or walk-in interviews. There are many out there who don’t ask for your degree even, they just wanna know are you a problem solver or not. Can you solve a problem that is present in front of you during interviews? On experience part, if you want to have a career in IT domain then you can work on some personal project, contribute in open source for gaining experience if you don’t have any prior working experience.

One of my close friends, she was pursuing bachelor’s degree core electronic, but later she was working on her coding skill in C++ and DS&Algorithm. During the placement, She got hired as a full-stack software engineer at IBM. It is just one who has to be persistent in what she/he wants in life.

But there were some companies that came during placement and their eligibility criteria were only for CS/IT. Which is fine, they know exactly what they want or looking for. If you ask me is it worth it having CS/IT degree, then I will simply reply with No Because this is Internet era and the possibility of learning resource are no more limited. There are plenty of resources available which can help you to grow your career or land a job as a software engineer.

So, if opted for any other bachelor course but later realizes you want to go into the software/ web app development domain. Of course, you can pursue and no one is stopping you to become what you want to be.

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